Upcoming BOMI Classes

SMT - Boilers, Heating Systems and Applied Mathematics

Start Date:                Wednesday, March 25th
Class Time:              6:00 – 9:00pm
Location:                  Ecolab, 370 Wabasha Street, Saint Paul
Cost:                          $825 for Members, $925 for Non-Members 

Building technicians need to understand the inner workings of boilers, burners, controls, fittings, valves and pumps, as well as how they connect and interrelate.  This course will teach you how to operate and maintain steam, hot water, warm air, and radiant heating systems.  You will also learn the principles of mathematics that are essential to operating these building systems.

Key topic areas:  heating systems operations • mechanical components of heating systems • heating sources • thermodynamics •steam and hydronic heating • humidification • basic mathematics needed to operate heating systems 

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FMA/ RPA – Real Estate Investment and Finance

Start Date:                Monday, March 23rd
Class Time:              6:00 – 9:00pm
Location:                  Ecolab, 370 Wabasha Street, Saint Paul
Cost:                          $925 for Members, $1,025 for Non-Members

Through this course you will learn to take charge of real estate investments in order to maximize the value of a property. You will develop knowledge about basic financial concepts as they relate to real estate, including valuation, analysis, taxation, depreciation, and life-cycle costing. Similarly, you will learn to evaluate real estate investments and to develop budgets that estimate net operating income. You will study the income capitalization approach and cover property taxation costs and strategies to offset these costs. You will also gain the skills to conduct discounted cash flow analyses and calculate net present value and internal rate of return. This course features exercises that require the basic use of the HP 10bII* financial calculator.

Key topic areas: asset valuation and enhancement • costs and taxes • capitalization • site and building analysis • the appraisal process • discounted cash flow measurement • ownership vehicles • the basics of lending and current lending practice

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Scholarships Available

Who likes free money to help pay for educational programs!?  Apply now for a scholarship through BOMI offered by Greater Saint Paul BOMA.  This scholarship is worth $500 to $620 in range depending on what program you choose.  Submissions are being accepted until MARCH 1st.  Completed applications are evaluated in an objective and nondiscriminatory manner by an independent selection committee comprised of experienced industry members.  Fill out this application and return to denise.jenkins@bomastpaul.org.


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