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Kilowatt Crackdown – Extended deadline

There is still time to enter the Kilowatt Crackdown! This year’s deadline has been extended to June 30, 2015.  

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Save Energy ▪ Save Money ▪ Save Birds
“Lights Out” March 15 – May 31

Since 2007, BOMA members have participated in a collaborative effort with Audubon Minnesota to protect birds from window collisions. In the Twin Cities we are on a major migration flight path and Lights Out is one way to help birds avoid being drawn off course by bright lights in our cities.

What to do?

  • Turn off architectural lighting
  • Extinguish spot and floodlights
  • Down-shield exterior lighting or limit to ground level
  • Turn off interior lighting especially on upper floors
  • Substitute task lighting whenever possible
  • Reduce lobby and atrium lighting wherever possible 


For more information and to sign on please visit, call 651-739-9332 x111 or email

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