Event Sponsorships

Saint Paul BOMA Seminars - Twice per year, Greater Saint Paul BOMA and BOMA Greater Minneapolis partner to hold 1/2 day seminars. Sponsorships are made available to Service Partners of both organizations. Attendance for these seminars ranges from 100 - 250 people depending on the topic. This is a great opportunity to market on both sides of the river. Sponsorship information is made available about two months before the event.

BOMA Essential Courses (BEC) - Greater Saint Paul BOMA holds 4 - 5 BEC's (2 - 3-hour seminars) per year. Topics range from Economics to Codes and Regulations to Getting the Grey Out of Green. Attendance for these events range from 25 - 65 people depending on the topic. Information regarding sponsorships are made available to members about two months before an event is held.

BOMA Virtual Events - Greater Saint Paul BOMA is starting up a series of virtual events to allow members to safely engage with each other in an informal setting. These events will be free and open to all members. We'll be holding social hours, trivia challenges, chair yoga, and other fun activities to alleviate the pandemic blues! We are always open to suggestions for events, please reach out with any ideas! Sponsorship will be needed for events in which we are offering prizes, gifts, freebies, etc.

Contact Denise Jenkins- [email protected]  with questions or to request additional information on any of our sponsorship options.