2nd Annual Build Your Own Education Seminar

May 23, 2017
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
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Jemne Building
305 St. Peter Street, Energy Learning Center
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Course 1
8:30-9:30 am Bring Your Building Full Circle with BOMA 360
BOMA 360 buildings provide tremendous value to their tenants, instilling satisfaction and confidence by ensuring exceptional management, cost-effective operation and best-in-class service. As a result, they attract and retain quality tenants, command higher rental rates, and produce consistent NOI.  This session will focus on how the BOMA 360 Program can elevate the processes and standards of excellence in property management in today’s CRE industry. From basic  how-to’s, to ROI and successful tips, we’ll try and touch it all!
Presenter – Joel Corley, Director, 360 Program, BOMA International

Course 2 - 1 hour of CEU APPROVED!!
9:30-10:30 am Standard Operating Procedures – Best Practices
Standard Operating Procedures manuals are critical in property management, as are aggregate policies, procedures, instructions and directives so that buildings can be managed safely, efficiently and consistently. Attendees will learn how to create an SOP manual, utilizing BOMA International’s Publication, Guide to Developing a Standard Operating Procedure Manual. Tenant Emergency Plan, Lease Administration, Accounting and Reporting, Business Plans and Re-Forecasts, Contracts/Contract Services, Management Office Operations, Physical Operations, Safety and OSHA Compliance, Fire and Life Safety Systems, Security, and more will be covered. 

Presenter – Charlie Gravelle, RPA, Senior Property Manager at City Center Real Estate Services, LLC.

Course 3 - 1 hour of CEU APPROVED!
10:30-11:30 am Interconnected Workplace - Privacy and Wellbeing – finding a good Balance
In organizations all over the world, people are facing brand-new problems that require sharing information and putting knowledge together in new ways. Collaboration has become the big engine for progress and innovation. Although workplaces today make it seemingly easy for people to collaborate, leaders are uncertain of what to do next so they create group spaces and add technology but is too much togetherness invading our employee’s privacy? How can property professionals satisfy and attract tenants with that perfect balance? In addition, leading organizations know that improved employee wellbeing not only helps to be healthier and lowers healthcare costs, it also helps them to be more productive, creative and innovative. An “interconnected workplace,” offers employees choice and control over where and how they work.
Presenters – Megan Little, Director of Business Development at General Office Products, Lynne Sullivan, Director of the Targeted Solutions Group sales team for Steelcase North America. Steelcase Inc.

Course 4 - 1 hour of CEU APPROVED!
11:30 am-12:30 pm Crowdfunding and Commercial Real Estate
According to Forbes Magazine, “Behind stocks, bonds and cash, commercial real estate has emerged as the fourth largest asset class in the U.S. over the last few decades”.  With the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012, the way was paved for real estate crowdfunding, a new method for individual investors to invest in real estate for as little as a few thousand dollars. So, how does one get started in crowdfunding? What are the resources available and what is the financial and sociological impact? Are these crowdfunding opportunities more on the local or national level and what regulations are in place to make things happen?

Presenters – Marshall Saunders, Saunders Daily.com, Zach Robins, Winthrop and Weinstine

Tuesday, May 23

Breakfast Included!


Jemne Building

Ever-Green Energy 
305 St. Peter Street (Energy Learning Center)
Saint Paul, MN 55101                           

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