With the operating challenges building owners and managers face today, there is one essential resource that stands out above the rest; Greater Saint Paul BOMA. Having a membership with BOMA provides help in reducing building operating expenses through:

Education – Learn best practices and trends in building operations
Advocacy – BOMA represents the interests of buildings in public policy
Networking – Meet peers and vendors whose advice, services, and products will help you to run your building more efficiently
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Membership with BOMA is an important element in the successful operation of a modern building. Don’t allow your building to be at a disadvantage. Make BOMA membership part of your 2017 budget plan.

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Greater Saint Paul BOMA is also progressively active in promoting growth in downtown Saint Paul and the East Metro Region. Through our efforts in the Saint Paul Downtown Alliance, and our support of increased transportation funding, BOMA is asserting itself as a leader in the business community, which will in turn fuel growth for all the East Metro communities. Be part of a vibrant association that is making a difference, join BOMA.

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