Building Referral Program

BOMA’s Membership Committee and staff have developed a referral program that was announced in the winter of 2015.   The idea underlying this program is to provide an incentive to encourage individual members to refer Building prospects.  This program mirrors employee and customer referral programs that have been used successfully by many organizations.

How does the program work?

It’s simple.  When a current GSP BOMA member refers a Building prospect (not a current Building member), and the prospect joins GSP BOMA, the referring member is eligible for an incentive.

•The incentive is worth $300 credit ($500 for referrals received prior to 09/01/15).  The credit can be used to offset any GSP BOMA purchases.  Any unused credit at the end of the calendar year will be applied against the following year membership dues. 

•To qualify for the incentive, the referring member must have a relationship with the prospect that BOMA can leverage to close the sale.  General referrals where the referring member doesn’t have an established connection/relationship to the prospect won’t qualify for the program. 

•Referred prospects must join BOMA within twelve months of the referral.

•Referred prospects may not be buildings BOMA is already pursuing and anticipates will join without the assistance of the member referral.

•If two members refer the same prospect, the earlier referral will be given preference, depending on circumstances.

To make a referral, just email or call Rhonda Pape ([email protected] : 651-238-0822) or Joe Spartz ([email protected] : 651-291-2521) at the BOMA office.  Please provide the building name & location, contact name, email and/or phone number.  BOMA will follow up with you to confirm the referral qualifies for the program.  We will also reconnect once we reach out to the prospect.

Thank you for any referrals you make through this program.  Together we can build a stronger BOMA.