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New in Town: Structural

You may have heard the buzz about a new company in St. Paul. Structural, an internal people network powered by data, is the latest venture from veteran tech   entrepreneurs Scott Burns (former CEO of   GovDelivery) and Chip House (formerly a senior marketer at Digital River &   ExactTarget) . Their platform offers instant access to internal skills and capabilities to   accelerate projects and build stronger   teams. Structural integrates with existing internal systems to surface data and build complete employee profiles, accessible to anyone within the organization. People can then go into Structural to find the right people to assign to new projects, form internal teams, and tap into the skills and capabilities of the people within their organization. The platform is well suited for companies with more than 100 employees who need to leverage the full potential of their entire workforce, but may not have the insights they need due to a growing and dispersed team. Organizations might use Structural to look at the trends that predict high performing employees, and assign similar employees to open positions. Structural also helps organizations match employees with mentors or projects based on personality insights, work experience, and career development goals. Currently, they work with local and national clients including Sunrise Banks, Ecolab, Augeo Marketing, Tunheim, Clearnight Group, and other organizations who need to leverage the full capabilities of their high-skilled people and teams.

Structural began its early lab phase in Indianapolis but decided to move a second office to St. Paul and make the one here its home base. Amy Patterson, the Marketing Operations Manager, said that St. Paul provides what Structural wants for a growing company in the city: affordability for startups, flexible space to expand in the future, world class dining, art, restaurants, transit options, amenities, and a hub of high-skill talent. “St. Paul offers everything we’re looking for as we grow – including a supportive community of businesses who are enthusiastically embracing our platform.”

They feel St. Paul is a great place to be because of the community. They say it has a great support system for growing businesses like Structural. It’s another example of how St. Paul has a tight-knit feel with downtown metro amenities. They also appreciate the fact that in St. Paul, you don’t need to be a Fortune 100 company to get support and recognition. Mayor Melvin Carter spoke at Structural’s July 2018 ribbon cutting ceremony, and later tweeted “Companies like Structural are leading the way in creating a Saint Paul where innovative businesses can start, grow, and thrive”.

For employers, St. Paul offers feasible space and attractive amenities, whether their business are just launching or long established.  Structural chose Osborn370 because the space is built for organizations in different stages. Right now they are an office of ten people, and as they grow the, space is flexible enough to accommodate an expanding team. “We love the energy in the building and the opportunities that our space offers for our growing team,” said Patterson.  “We’ve moving fast, and Osborn370 has helped us create a place where we can support our team and achieve our goals in this important stage of our growth.”


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