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ADA Bill Passes House to Help Protect Properties

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 620 today.  This bill closes the loophole in the federal law that has unintentionally produced “drive-by” ADA lawsuits and it adds safeguards that incentivize the remedy of alleged violations – without taking away the right to pursue “bad actors” who ignore compliance. 

Minnesota passed a state law change in the 2017 session on a bi-partisan basis and signed by Governor Dayton to prevent this lawsuit abuse. The state law requires businesses to be notified of access issues and gives 60 days to respond prior to a lawsuit being filed.   This law proved ineffective since plaintiffs then chose to file in federal court. 

The ADA bill passed by the House will encourage a quick remedy of any violation and will help minimize this lawsuit abuse by providing notification to property owners about alleged violations and 120 days to correct access violation prior to a lawsuit being filed.  Action now moves on to the Senate where BOMA International is working to identify authors of a companion bill.

Click here to see the House vote.

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