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Future of 4th Street

As a part of the 3rd Annual Placemaking Residency, The Future of 4th Street demonstrated the kind of verve and evolution that can lead to a more unified downtown St. Paul.   Seeing the kind of vitality that Thursday’s event brought to a usually desolate location was invigorating to be a part of.  Julie Bauch, Property Manager of 180 E. 5th Street, said:

We received a great response from those who walked the proposed 4th Street greenway.  Many comments were made about how refreshing and charming it would be to add walkable green space to downtown; comparisons were made to Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.  I believe establishing the 4th Street greenway would lend credibility to the evolution downtown St. Paul is experiencing, showing that we are cohesive in our efforts to creatively improve living and working conditions for everyone in St. Paul.

The vibrant presence of bicycles, food trucks and pedestrians that replaced the cars and empty sidewalks on 4th Street could be just the start of a series of trial runs.  Paul Bengtson from the CapitalRiver Council said, "The 4th Street Event was an experiential education for everyone on the benefits of making streets safer for pedestrians and bicyclists.  I think this event will help support the ongoing conversations about bicycles, pedestrians and further activation of the street level in downtown St. Paul."

Obtaining a downtown bike loop and a greenway space for 4th Street would stimulate tourism, inspire placemaking, and support downtown businesses while continuing to improve the safety and mobility of downtown residents and workers alike.  The Future of 4th Street featured what could become the next greenway space in downtown St. Paul, and be the first step in considering closing the street to cars permanently.

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