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Lunch with BOMA International

On February 12, your GSP BOMA Board of Directors had the privilege of having a lunch meeting with the top two officers of BOMA International – President/COO Henry Chamberlain and Chairman John Oliver who were visiting from Washington DC. The meeting provided the Board the opportunity to get updated on the 2015 initiatives BOMA International is currently addressing.   These initiatives include a greater focus on international growth and membership national program enhancements that directly contribute toward the real estate industry and the value provided to all local chapters and their own members. The discussion included our own Chapter goals for the future and International leadership was impressed with the large investments the City is making in the new light rail and Lowertown stadium capital projects. They also noted their appreciation for the solid ground that GSP BOMA has returned to over the past few years and the advocacy leadership our Chapter is providing the City of Saint Paul on city issues and the GSP BOMA launch of the new Saint Paul Downtown Alliance that is focused on strengthening the downtown Saint Paul core for years to come. 

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