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Derek Chauvin Trial


On Monday, March 8, the high-profile court proceedings involving former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin are scheduled to begin in Minneapolis. These proceedings are expected to draw people from across the country to the Twin Cities for protests, marches, and demonstrations. 

The Saint Paul Police Department has worked tirelessly to prepare for any incidents that occur in Minnesota’s capital city. Click here to read their guide on the actions you can take to mitigate the risk to your business. 


Also, below is contact information that may be helpful with any questions or concerns you have: 


Department contacts:

Western District: Sr. Cmdr. Joshua Lego – 651-266-5622 or [email protected]
Central District: Sr. Cmdr. Jeremy Ellison – 651-266-5457 or [email protected]
Eastern District: Sr. Cmdr. Kurt Hallstrom – 651-266-5929 or [email protected]

Contact SPPD Crime Prevention Unit for extra information: to include potential site visits & Premise Surveys / Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
Commander Pamela Barragan
Phone: 651.266.5849
Watch SPPD social media platforms for live updates and information on upcoming events

Twitter:  @sppdmn
Facebook:  Saint Paul Police Department


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