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4th Street Dream Becoming a Reality?

BOMA Becomes a Finalist in the Knight Green Line Challenge

            On May 8th, Greater Saint Paul BOMA partnered with St. Paul Smart Trips and The Musicant Group to demonstrate what East 4th Street would look like as a pedestrian and bike oriented lane.  This event, the Future of 4th Street, was part of the 3rd Annual Placemaking Residency sponsored by Saint Paul Riverfront Corporation.  After getting overwhelming positive support from businesses and residents alike, BOMA decided to enter the 4th Street idea into the Knight Green Line Challenge.

            Over the next 3 years, the Knight Foundation is funding $1.5 million for a number of fantastic projects that will contribute to St. Paul becoming a more vibrant place to live, work, and visit.  This year the Knight Foundation accepted over 500 applicants and BOMA was fortunate enough to become one of the 48 finalists.

BOMA is partnering with the SPda, Riverfront Corporation, and Smart Trips to promote the concept of 4th Street as a viable pedestrian/bike route. Winning the Knight Green Line Challenge will help to realize the potential of this concept. 


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