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BOMA Safety Updates Network


In response to growing concerns about building safety during the post-election period and beyond, the BOMA Security Committee has created a communications network called BOMA Safety Updates through WhatsApp. This will allow for both BOMA and non-BOMA members in the East Metro area to share information about safety and security issues they are observing, in real-time. 

How do you join the group? 
1. Go to the Google/Play Store on your phone and download WhatsApp. 
2. Create an account by using your cell phone number and following the instructions within the app. 
3. Send an email to Samantha at [email protected] to request an invite to the BOMA Safety Updates WhatsApp group. 
4. When you receive the invite link in your email, there will be a disclaimer regarding this communications network. By opening the link, you agree with this disclaimer. Be sure to open the link from your phone and not your laptop/desktop. Open the link and click join. You'll then be able to send and receive updates.  
5. If you would like to have access to the group on your computer, click this link for the instructions. Make sure you're signed up on your phone first before attempting to gain web access.
If you have any general questions about the BOMA Safety Updates group, reach out to Joe Spartz at [email protected]  

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