Special Events


The next event being organized by the special events committee is the Annual Expo which is being held at the DoubleTree Downtown St Paul on September 26th from 3pm until 6pm. Not only is this a fabulous opportunity for Property Managers to learn about the services that the St Paul BOMA vendors provide, it’s an opportunity to network in an informal social setting with gourmet food offerings, it is an opportunity for service providers  to showcase their products to the wider membership.

Throughout the year the Special Events Committee plans and presents other events to create additional networking opportunities.

The best way to influence the events that you attend is to help organize them!   The Special Events Committee is filled with fun and dedicated people, all who find joy working and connecting with each other on a deeper level beyond what monthly membership meetings alone can provide. 

If you are interested in joining the Special Events Committee,  contact Denise Jenkins at [email protected] or 651-291-8888.