As a member of St Paul BOMA this is your best opportunity to promote your products and services to the St Paul BOMA property professionals. The Special Events and the Education Committees have secured great education and enhanced prizes to attract our building professionals to make this a successful event.

2020 BOMA Expo 

September has traditionally been the month when St. Paul BOMA hosts its annual Tradeshow and Expo.  With the ongoing pandemic and the need to continue social distancing, holding an Expo event on the scale of last year isn’t feasible.  However, BOMA recognizes the need for Service Providers to communicate directly with building members.  To help vendors meet this important goal, BOMA will be holding a Mini-Expo in conjunction with the September membership luncheon meeting on 9/14/20 being held at the Harriet Island Pavilion.  While this event will not be on the scale of the traditional Expo, there will still be opportunity to interact with building professionals.

The format of the event will allow professional networking and product/service promotion before and after the membership meeting.  Space limitations and social distancing requirements won’t allow vendors to set up standard tradeshow booths.  We will provide each registered vendor with a cocktail/high top table and permit a small freestanding display or company sign.   

We only have 15 vendor slots available and all of them are currently filled. If you would like to be placed on the waitlist, please email Denise Jenkins at [email protected] 

If you will not be attending as a vendor, you can still promote your company at the event with promotional materials (e.g. business cards, brochures, vouchers, flyers, etc.). If you’d like to take it a step further, you can even put together gift (aka SWAG) bags for the attendees, and of course, it would be up to you how many you assemble. All items would need to be dropped off at the BOMA office no later than noon on Tuesday, September 8.


2020-21 Buyer's Guide

If you are looking for vendors that belong to St. Paul BOMA, please refer to the Buyers Guide where you will find a wide range of vendors and service providers to cover almost all of your building needs. We encourage all of our members to utilize the services of fellow members to ensure our community remains strong and vibrant. We wouldn’t be able to offer the education programs to our property managers without the support of our vendors, call them today, and don’t forget to tell them that you found them on the St. Paul BOMA website!

Special note: Our new Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Samantha Davis, is working on updating the Buyer's Guide to ensure that all service providers are listed. Thanks for your understanding and patience as she works to get everyone incorporated into the site! 






Last Year's Expo Sponsors


Mighty Mississippi - Platinum Level



Wabasha Caves - Gold Level



Rice Park - Silver Level