Upcoming BOMI Class Offerings


Energy Management and Controls

Start Date:  Wednesday, March 22nd
Test Date:   Schedule through off site testing facility
Class Time:  6:00 to 9:00pm
Cost:  $855 member rate / $955 non-member rate
Location:  Town Square Tower, 445 Minnesota Street, Conf. Center off of lobby skyway

Understanding the key maintenance and energy management aspects of building management is critical to running a cost-effective operation. From everyday preventive maintenance tasks to the challenge of developing and selling an energy plan, this course provides you with the skills to evaluate and optimize your current system, the know-how to integrate new components, and the ability to communicate your needs to decision makers.

This course teaches you to develop energy management strategies for HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems. You will learn about the components, principles, adjustment, and maintenance of system controllers, auxiliary devices and electronic, pneumatic, and computer control systems. We’ll cover heating, cooling, and humidification control applications, along with variable air volume and building pressurization control devices. You'll develop the skills and knowledge to perform a cost/benefit analysis of HVAC, electrical, and lighting systems, and to create an energy management program for your facility.

Key topic areas: energy management programs • preventive maintenance • building automation systems • HVAC, electrical, and lighting control systems • VAV boxes • energy management opportunities • SOPs • energy consumption factors • retrofit strategies • measuring ROI on energy initiatives

 Building Design and Maintenance

Start Date:  Monday, March 20th
Test Date:  Schedule through off site testing facility
Class Time: 6:00 to 9:00pm
Cost:  $975 member rate / $1,075 non-member rate
Location:  Town Square Tower, 445 Minnesota Street, Conf. Center off of lobby skyway

Knowing how a structure functions, and your role in maintaining it effectively, you are involved in the repair and replacement of structural items such as floors, ceilings, interior walls, and windows, and you need a basic understanding of building design, materials, codes, regulations, and structural systems and finishes. You also need to be familiar with maintenance procedures and equipment, grounds maintenance, and preventive maintenance, as well as construction documents. In this course, you will cover the characteristics, uses, and properties of common building materials, as well as building regulations, codes, and standards.

You will learn to compare building system components and to identify appropriate inspection and maintenance techniques. You will develop the knowledge to establish procedures and standards for monitoring building operations, preventive maintenance, and cleaning. You will also learn to read and use construction documents, studying from a course book that features a set of drawings and an architect's pocket scale. Featuring helpful new illustrations and current resources, such as governmental and industry websites, this course can help you design and maintain sound, safe buildings.

Key topic areas:  common building materials and systems in building foundations • curtain walls • windows • roofing systems • interior finishes • flooring, interior walls and ceilings • vertical transportation • grounds maintenance and inspection • construction documents

Please contact Denise Jenkins at denise.jenkins@bomastpaul.org or 651-291-8888 if you have questions.